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Christian Bale film reviews

Christian Bale

British / Welsh actor


Empire of the Sun

as Jim

Cabaret  1987

Teenage boy has to find a way to survive in internment camp when he is separated from his parents during the evacuation from Shanghai.


Reign of Fire

as Quinn Abercromby

Cabaret  2002

In the world dominated by dragons the people are the endangered species that has to fight for survival.



as John Preston

Cabaret  2002

To stop human kind from fighting again the special drug called Prozium was invented - taken each day it stops people from having any feelings.


Rescue Dawn

as Dieter Dengler

Cabaret  2006

American pilot shot down over Laos is put into prisonder of war camp in the jungle, but soon he realizes that the only chance to survive is escape.


Terminator Salvation

as John Connor

Cabaret  2009

John Connor finds the information about new weapon - the cyborgs using the living tissue. Since that point no one will be able to tell who is human and who is not.


The Flowers of War

as John Miller

Cabaret  2011

American mortician reluctantly becomes a protector of schoolgirls seeking refuge during the Nanking Massacre.

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