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Scrooged 1988 film review

Scrooged 1988 film review

Scrooged (1988, United States)

Running time
100 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

Workaholic TV producer Frank Cross is preparing a jewel in the crown of his station - the live Christmas show with adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Frank is heartless boss, who terrorizes his employees, including his faithful secretary Grace, who could be the last person that in a way cares about Frank. Under pressure from president of the station Frank is prepared to do anything to keep his status in company. But one night he is visited by his former boss, now dead for 7 years, who warns Frank that he should take more care about people or he will end up an empty shell of a man. To teach Frank a lesson he will be visited by three ghosts - past, present and future. Cross thinks it was only a dream, but when he gets into a taxi his life-changing journey begins.

Adaptation of classic "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, this time made in comedy style and converted to present times. Although kept close to original message the film is fun to watch due to good cast and well prepared script that mixes comedy with touching story.

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Scrooged 1988 add comment
Scrooged 1988 add comment

Watch Scrooged

Watch ScroogedWatch Scrooged

Creators of Scrooged

Richard Donner films

Richard Donner


Mitch Glazer films

Mitch Glazer


Michael O’Donoghue films

Michael O’Donoghue


Charles Dickens films

Charles Dickens


Cast of Scrooged

Bill Murray films

Bill Murray

as Frank Cross

Alfre Woodard films

Alfre Woodard

as Grace Cooley

Bobcat Goldthwait films

Bobcat Goldthwait

as Eliot Loudermilk

Karen Allen films

Karen Allen

as Claire Phillips

John Forsythe films

John Forsythe

as Lew Hayward

John Glover films

John Glover

as Brice Cummings

David Johansen films

David Johansen

as Ghost of Christmas Past

Carol Kane films

Carol Kane

as Ghost of Christmas Present

Robert Mitchum films

Robert Mitchum

as Preston Rhinelander

Brian Doyle-Murray films

Brian Doyle-Murray

as Earl Cross

Pat McCormick films

Pat McCormick

as TV Ghost of Christmas Past

John Murray films

John Murray

as James Cross

Wendy Malick films

Wendy Malick

as Wendie Cross

Scrooged 1988 add comment
Scrooged 1988 add comment