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Charles McGraw film reviews

Charles McGraw

American actor



as Chief of Detectives Ed Backstrand

Rock Slyde 1949

The everyday hardships of Los Angeles Police Department officers, who face criminals in the streets of City of Angels.


Away All Boats

as Lieutenant O’Bannion

Rock Slyde 1956

The life on board of amphibious attack transport ship during the Pacific campaign.


The Birds

as Sebastian Sholes

Rock Slyde 1963

In a small town the birds start to behave in an unprecedented way - they do not avoid people, on the contrary, they begin to attack them. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller.


Johnny Got His Gun

as Mike Burkeman

Rock Slyde 1971

A young American volunteers to join the World War 1. The explosion of the bomb almost turns him into a vegetable, but Johnny is still alive, still have feeling and still can think.

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