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Pretty Woman 1990 film review

Pretty Woman 1990 film review

Pretty Woman (1990, United States)

Running time
119 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

Businessman Edward Lewis comes to Los Angeles for a business meeting. Accidentally he meets a prostitute Vivien on the street, and asks her to spend the night in the hotel. Vivien, on closer examination, turns out to be an intelligent and natural girl, completely different from people he knows. He invites her to stay for a whole week, during which they both get to know each other and begin to change their approach to the whole situation. Edward came to Los Angeles to buy and liquidate the company Morse, who is in trouble, but under the influence of Vivien he is changing his decision and begins to shape up the company. And finally, of course, a great love.

The story of Cinderella, but modern one, very well played and filmed. Also great songs, which became hits, regardless of the film. A little satire on contemporary materialistic and deceitful world.

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Pretty Woman 1990 add comment

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Creators of Pretty Woman

Garry Marshall films

Garry Marshall


J.F. Lawton films

J.F. Lawton


Cast of Pretty Woman

Richard Gere films

Richard Gere

as Edward Lewis

Julia Roberts films

Julia Roberts

as Vivian Ward

Ralph Bellamy films

Ralph Bellamy

as James Morse

Jason Alexander films

Jason Alexander

as Philip Stuckey

Hector Elizondo films

Hector Elizondo

as Bernard "Barney" Thompson

Laura San Giacomo films

Laura San Giacomo

as Kit De Luca

Alex Hyde-White films

Alex Hyde-White

as David Morse

Amy Yasbeck films

Amy Yasbeck

as Elizabeth Stuckey

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