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Andrea Riseborough film reviews

Andrea Riseborough

British actress

20 November 1981
in WallsendTyne and Wear, EnglandUnited Kingdom



as Sarah

How to Be Loved 2011

When D-Day landings have failed Germans have invaded Great Britain and while their husbands have left to join British resistance women in secluded Welsh valley have to find the way to survive.



as Victoria

How to Be Loved 2013

On Earth devastated after the war only few people are left to extract the natural resources. Technician taking care of the drones discovers that not everything is what he thought it is.


The Death of Stalin

as Svetlana Stalina

How to Be Loved 2017

In 1953 Joseph Stalin’s terror in Soviet Union reached the new heights with another wave of arrests and executions when the dictator suddenly collapses in his dacha.

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