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Olga Kurylenko film reviews

Olga Kurylenko

Ukrainian actress



as Etain

The Sting 2010

Roman centurion Quintus Dias is taken prisoner by the Picts. When he manages to escape he is rescued by the Ninth Legion, which is about to meet its fate.


Land of Oblivion

as Ania

The Sting 2011

In 1986 a global-scale disaster in Chernobyl left the people involved shattered for years - those who survived still couldnÔÇÖt get on with their lives after what has happened.



as Julia

The Sting 2013

On Earth devastated after the war only few people are left to extract the natural resources. Technician taking care of the drones discovers that not everything is what he thought it is.


The Death of Stalin

as Maria Yudina

The Sting 2017

In 1953 Joseph StalinÔÇÖs terror in Soviet Union reached the new heights with another wave of arrests and executions when the dictator suddenly collapses in his dacha.

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