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Alexander Knox film reviews

Alexander Knox

British actor


The Night My Number Came Up

as Owen Robertson

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1955

Dream of air crash of Dakota plane with Air Marshall onboard was just an anecdote on the party in Shanghai, but when Air Marshall Hardie learns that he will be travelling on Dakota to Tokio things begin to resemble the ones in the dream.


The Longest Day

as Maj. Gen. Walter Bedell Smith

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1962

The real events that took place before and during D-Day.


The Damned

as Bernard

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1962

While touring a picturesque English town an American tourist is attacked and mugged. Soon he discovers that nothing in this town is what it seems to be.


The 25th Hour

as prosecutor

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1967

During World War 2 simple Romanian villager Johann Moritz is denounced as being Jew. This lie changed his life and threw him in the middle of world conflict.

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