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Wait Until Dark 1967 film review

Wait Until Dark 1967 film review

Wait Until Dark (1967, United States)

Running time
108 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

At the airport woman puts a doll, as it later turns out loaded with heroin, ro a suitcase belonging to complete stranger and asks him to hide it. After returning home he gives the doll to his bling wife Susy and leaves for work. Three bandits are looking for the doll, but the first search of the house is fruitless. Susy, oblivious to the whole situation, must fight the criminals. Her only weapon is the ability to move around in the dark and her perfect hearing. She also gets help from young girl - her neighbor. But Susy must face the fight for her life on her own.

Great thriller. Audrey Hepburn is fantastic and totally convincing, looking at her really feel her fear and easily believe that they can’t see. According to some sources she managed to prepare such performance by excersizing walking blindfolded for several months. There’s a lot of dramatic situations, unexpected twists, and great scenes that take place in the dark when we can only see what Susy sees - which is nothing. One of my favorite thrillers.

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Wait Until Dark 1967 add comment

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Creators of Wait Until Dark

Terence Young films

Terence Young


Robert Howard-Carrington films

Robert Howard-Carrington


Cast of Wait Until Dark

Audrey Hepburn films

Audrey Hepburn

as Susy Hendrix

Alan Arkin films

Alan Arkin

as Harry Roat

Richard Crenna films

Richard Crenna

as Mike Talman

Julie Herrod films

Julie Herrod

as Gloria

Jack Weston films

Jack Weston

as Carlino

Samantha Jones films

Samantha Jones

as Lisa

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. films

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

as Sam Hendrix

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