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Repulsion 1965 film review

Repulsion 1965 film review

Repulsion (1965, United Kingdom)

Running time
104 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

In a small flat in London live two sisters, Helen and Carol. They are very different from each other - Helen has an affair with a married man, Carol is reserved manicurist. When Helen takes a trip to the sea together with her lover, Carol is left alone. She cannot live alone, she loses control and is unable to work. She closes up in the apartment, tormented with sexual nightmares, has delusions (eg. a lot of spiders) - symptoms typical of schizophrenia. When a friend wants to help her, she gruesomely kills him, as well as a landlord - in both cases using a razor. When Helen returns her sister is at the verge of mental and physical collapse.

Polanski movie filmed in England, is a study of schizophrenia with an excellent role of Catherine Deneuve, offering a dense, impenetrable, almost claustrophobic atmosphere. Imagination of the heroine mixes with reality. This sensational material constitutes a psychological drama, almost documentary image of the heroineÔÇÖs disease. There are no comments, no analysis of the events, everything is shown from the perspective of the main character, a lonely, fragile woman.

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Creators of Repulsion

Roman Polanski films

Roman Polanski


Roman Polanski films

Roman Polanski


Gerard Brach films

Gerard Brach


Cast of Repulsion

Catherine Deneuve films

Catherine Deneuve

as Carol Ledoux

Ian Hendry films

Ian Hendry

as Michael

John Fraser films

John Fraser

as Colin

Yvonne Furneaux films

Yvonne Furneaux

as Helen Ledoux

Renee Houston films

Renee Houston

as Miss Balch

Patrick Wymark films

Patrick Wymark

as Landlord

Valerie Taylor films

Valerie Taylor

as Mrs Denise

James Villiers films

James Villiers

as John

Helen Fraser films

Helen Fraser

as Bridget

Hugh Futcher films

Hugh Futcher

as Reggie

Monica Merlin films

Monica Merlin

as Mrs Rendlesham

Roman Polanski films

Roman Polanski

as Plays on the spoon

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Repulsion 1965 add comment