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The Big Feast 1973 / La Grande Bouffe film review

The Big Feast 1973 film review

The Big Feast (1973, Italy)

Original title
La Grande Bouffe
Running time
135 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

Absurdal idea for a film: four middle-aged friends meet in a villa in Paris to eat (actually gorge themselves) until they die. We do not even know why they do it, maybe it is the ultimate form of decadent life? They prepare the food themselves and in the course of the evening they talk about their successes, watch erotic movies and most of all they eat. The next evening they are joined by four women - three prostitutes and their lonely friend. Over time they reach their goal they die of gluttony, all but one...

A sophisticated film that aimed to shock the viewers, who are watching it with disgust and curiosity at the same time. It is a great film with good music, excellent performances of the actors, but this is not a movie for the average viewer. Back in 1970s it was the director’s artistic provocation - to show this orgy of gluttony and sex in a film was unheard of, even in later years.

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The Big Feast 1973 add comment

Watch The Big Feast

Watch The Big Feast

Creators of The Big Feast

Marco Ferreri films

Marco Ferreri


Marco Ferreri films

Marco Ferreri


Rafael Azcona films

Rafael Azcona


Francis Blanche films

Francis Blanche


Cast of The Big Feast

Marcello Mastroianni films

Marcello Mastroianni

as Marcello

Ugo Tognazzi films

Ugo Tognazzi

as Ugo

Philippe Noiret films

Philippe Noiret

as Philip

Michel Piccoli films

Michel Piccoli

as Michel

Michele Alexandre films

Michele Alexandre

as Nicole

Florence Giorgetti films

Florence Giorgetti

as Anna

Solange Blondeau films

Solange Blondeau

as Danielle

Monique Chaumette films

Monique Chaumette

as Madeleine

Bernard Menez films

Bernard Menez

as Pierre

Andrea Ferreol films

Andrea Ferreol

as Andrea

Henri Piccoli films

Henri Piccoli

as Hector

Louis Navarre films

Louis Navarre

as Braguti

The Big Feast 1973 add comment
The Big Feast 1973 add comment

Trivia about The Big Feast

Character names

The characters have the same names as the actors that play them.