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Capricorn One 1978 film review

Capricorn One 1978 film review

Capricorn One (1978, United States)

Running time
108 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

Film is from a verge of science fiction - tells the story of faked expedition to Mars, which was to take place, but due to technical defects could not be realized by NASA. It’s just that they did not tell the public about it nor the astronauts. Instead of Mars, the crew is sent to the desert somewhere in Ameriac, while the television broadcast "live" the take-off. However, one of the scientists in the control center, which began to suspect something, simply disappears, and his friend, journalist, tries to find out what is happening. Later the astronauts watch "their own" return from Mars, during which the ship is destroyed. Now they know that they must fight for their lives.

Very interesting film, a good thriller, lots of beautiful desert landscapes, and the tension that lasts until the end. The film was made almost 10 years after the successful landing on the Moon, and raised a discussion about the possibility that also the Moon landing was mystification. But in general it’s good entertainment cinema, well written and executed.
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Capricorn One 1978 add comment
Capricorn One 1978 add comment

Watch Capricorn One

Watch Capricorn OneWatch Capricorn One

Creators of Capricorn One

Peter Hyams films

Peter Hyams


Peter Hyams films

Peter Hyams


Cast of Capricorn One

Brenda Vaccaro films

Brenda Vaccaro

as Kay Brubaker

Karen Black films

Karen Black

as Judy Drinkwater

Elliott Gould films

Elliott Gould

as Robert Caulfield

James Brolin films

James Brolin

as Charles Brubaker

Sam Waterston films

Sam Waterston

as Peter Willis

O.J. Simpson films

O.J. Simpson

as John Walker

Hal Holbrook films

Hal Holbrook

as Dr. James Kelloway

David Doyle films

David Doyle

as Walter Loughlin

Robert Walden films

Robert Walden

as Elliot Whitter

David Huddleston films

David Huddleston

as congressman Hollis Peaker

Lee Bryant films

Lee Bryant

as Sharon Willis

Denise Nicholas films

Denise Nicholas

as Betty Walker

James Karen films

James Karen

as vicepresident Price

Virginia Kaiser films

Virginia Kaiser

as Phyllis Price

Telly Savalas films

Telly Savalas

as Albain

Capricorn One 1978 add comment
Capricorn One 1978 add comment