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Powers Boothe film reviews

Powers Boothe

American actor

01 June 1948
in SnyderTexasUnited States

14 May 2017


Southern Comfort

as Hardin

The Sting 1981

During exercise platoon of National Guard clash with Cajun people and has to fight for the survival.


Red Dawn

as Lt. Col. Andy Tanner

The Sting 1984

Cuban and Russian forces land in small town in Colorado. While the national defence collapses the group of teenagers turn into partisans to fight the occupants and save their families.



as Flavius Aetius

The Sting 2001

Attila becomes a leader of the Huns by uniting the tribes under his command. Roman general Flavius Aetius realizes the empire will be next pray of the Scourge of God and prepares a plan to make use of the barbarian warrior to his own gain.



as Agent Doyle

The Sting 2001

FBI agent gets the chance to catch the killer he was hunting for years, but the things he has to learn might be too hard to take.

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