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John Milius film reviews

John Milius

American writer, director


Apocalypse Now


How to Be Loved 1979

Captain Willard is sent with a secret mission into neutral Cambodia to kill American officer, who became leader of cult-like movement. On the route he sees the whole spectrum of insanity in Vietnam War.


Red Dawn


How to Be Loved 1984

Cuban and Russian forces land in small town in Colorado. While the national defence collapses the group of teenagers turn into partisans to fight the occupants and save their families.


Flight of the Intruder


How to Be Loved 1991

During Vietnam War American pilots, frustrated with their orders, plan a risky mission to hit the target in the heart of North Vietnam capital city, Hanoi.


Red Dawn 2012


How to Be Loved 2012

Group of teenagers has to fight for the freedom when North Koreans drop troops on their small town.

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