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Rain Man 1988 film review

Rain Man 1988 film review

Rain Man (1988, United States)

Running time
133 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

Young man Charlie Babbitt learns of his rich father’s death. Counts on the large inheritance he suddenly learns that he has an older brother, Raymond, whose existence was a complete mystery to him. It turns out that in fact Raymond will inherit all the money. Raymond has autism and is locked in the care center. Charlie kidnaps his brother and tries to persuade him to give him part of the inheritance the he should have received. During the long car journey through the States (because Raymond is afraid to fly on a plane), the two brothers begin to know each otehr and get closer. Raymond does not have a normal ability to communicate, but his math skills are extraordinary and he is very sensitive. Charlie slowly turns from materialist into a decent guy, who begins to care about his brother.

The film is primarily a great performance from both main actors Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman, as usual, perfectly prepared for his part, but this time Cruise keeping up with him. Also great music is underlining the mood and plot of the film. End of the film is not typical Hollywood happy end, which in this story would seem insincere.

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Rain Man 1988 add comment

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Creators of Rain Man

Barry Levinson films

Barry Levinson


Barry Morrow films

Barry Morrow


Ronald Bass films

Ronald Bass


Cast of Rain Man

Dustin Hoffman films

Dustin Hoffman

as Raymond Babbitt

Tom Cruise films

Tom Cruise

as Charlie Babbitt

Valeria Golino films

Valeria Golino

as Susanna

Gerald R. Molen films

Gerald R. Molen

as Dr Bruner

Lucinda Jenney films

Lucinda Jenney

as Iris

Ralph Seymour films

Ralph Seymour

as Lenny

Rain Man 1988 add comment
Rain Man 1988 add comment