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Nick Frost film reviews

Nick Frost

British actor, director



as Mike Watt

Cabaret  1999

Tim and Daisy meet by accident in the cafe while they both are looking for a new place to live. With time they become friends, but when there is a change for a new flat they decide to pretend to be a couple to get it.


Black Books

as technician

Cabaret  2000

Bernard Black is owner of small old-fashioned bookshop that barely breaks even, mostly thanks to Bernard’s customer service skills... that he has none. He hires Manny to help around the shop, but his happy-go-lucky attitude really gets on Bernard’s nerves.


The Sofa of Time


Cabaret  2002

Milford and Parker, two soft furnishings factory workers, lost their job, but while they were clearing out their lockers they have found a parallel world behind one of them.



as Michael Henderson

Cabaret  2006

The crew of spaceship HMS Camden Lock is struggling on their mission to protect British interests in a changing galaxy. They travel from one solar system to another and spread the promotional materials about investing in Doncaster or Norwich.


Hot Fuzz

as Danny Butterman

Cabaret  2007

London policeman Nicholas Angel is transferred to a small village of Sandford, where his special skills will be wasted on petty thief cases or jaywalking. Unless there is some hidden agenda in Sandford.



as Clive Gollings

Cabaret  2011

Two British comic fans accidentally discover the real alien while driwing along Area 51.


The World’s End

as Andy Knightley

Cabaret  2013

Five friends plan to fulfill their teenage dream of finishing the "golden mile" - drinking a pint of lager in each of the 12 pubs in their hometown. But the hometown have somehow changed...

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