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Neal McDonough film reviews

Neal McDonough

American actor

23 February 1966
in BostonMassachusettsUnited States


Band of Brothers

as Lieutenant Lynn "Buck" Compton

Amadeus  2001

Real story of American paratroopers unit during World War 2 and their way through the worst battles of the conflict in Europe - from D-Day to crossing of Rhine.


Minority Report

as Fletcher

Amadeus  2002

John Anderton is Chief of PreCrime Division, new unit that was created to stop the crime before they will be committed using system that is able to predict the crimes. But new report shows Anderton killing a man he never heard of...


Flags of Our Fathers

as Captain Dave Severance

Amadeus  2006

The story of US Marines that put up the American flag on top of the Mount Suribachi during Battle of Iwo Jima. As symbol of struggle on the Pacific they return to United States to take part in the war bonds drive.

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