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Tom Hanks film reviews

Tom Hanks

American actor, writer, director

09 July 1956
in ConcordCaliforniaUnited States

Eminent American actor, film director and producer - he won the Oscar statuette twice in a row. For many years it was considered by critics comedian, but this only changed in 1993, after the film Philadelphia and Forrest Gump for which he received an Oscar. In 1999, Tom Hanks received a Golden Globe Award and a fourth Academy Award nomination for his role as Captain Miller in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, for which he received the Distinguished Public Service Award, the U.S. Navy’s highest civilian honoor, on Veterans Day 1999. Known also for The Da Vinci Code, Green Mile and many others. He is related to the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln. The actor is known for his social activities. Publicly endorsed Senator Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Has been good friends with Bruce Springsteen since his youth. The asteroid "12818 tomhanks" was named after him.



as Andrew Beckett

Cabaret  1993

Successful lawyer discovers that he is HIV positive. No one at work knew that he is homosexual, but when symptoms become visible is suddenly fired for incompetence. He decides to sue his employers.


Forrest Gump

as Forrest Gump

Cabaret  1994

Forrest Gump is not beautiful, he is not smart, he has no particular talents except for one, which distinguishes him from other people - his honest, naive and contagious goodness.


Saving Private Ryan

as Captain Miller

Cabaret  1998

Soon after the D-Day platoon of Rangers is sent on an unusual mission - in the chaos that followed Allied landings in France they have to find last surviving of four Ryan brothers, who is somewhere in Normandy.


Band of Brothers


Cabaret  2001

Real story of American paratroopers unit during World War 2 and their way through the worst battles of the conflict in Europe - from D-Day to crossing of Rhine.


Catch Me If You Can

as Carl Hanratty

Cabaret  2002

Despite his young age con man Frank Abagnale Jr made it to the top 10 most wanted criminals. FBI agent Carl Hanratty is chasing him all around the States.


The Da Vinci Code

as Robert Langdon

Cabaret  2006

When Louvre curator is found in the museum dead with pentagram on his chest American professor of symbology becomes a prime suspect.


Charlie Wilson’s War

as Charlie Wilson

Cabaret  2007

Charlie Wilson, Texas Congressman, is more interested in patrying all night than taking care of the United States defence. Things changes when he learns about the Afghan warriors that are fighting with Soviet invasion.


Angels & Demons

as Robert Langdon

Cabaret  2009

Secret society plans to destroy Vatican during the conclave, symbolist Robert Langdon has to stop them.

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