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Marcin Dorocinski film reviews

Marcin Dorocinski

Polish actor

22 June 1973
in MilanowekMasoviaPoland



as Wydra

How to Be Loved 2012

Wydra, Polish partisan, is the executioner in his unit. That job with time killed all the human emotions in him, but his next target is someone he knows - manager of local mill, who is suspected of being Nazi collaborator.


Jack Strong

as Ryszard Kuklinski

How to Be Loved 2014

During Cold War disilussioned Polish intelligence officer decides to contact CIA in order to stop the World War III that would destroy his homeland.


Hurricane: 303 Squadron

as Witold Urbanowicz

How to Be Loved 2018

Desperate for experienced pilots RAF forms squadrons consisting of foreigners, but the commanders are reluctant to take them into action. Based on true story of Polish 303 Squadron.

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