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Leonardo DiCaprio film reviews

Leonardo DiCaprio

American actor


Catch Me If You Can

as Frank Abagnale Jr.

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2002

Despite his young age con man Frank Abagnale Jr made it to the top 10 most wanted criminals. FBI agent Carl Hanratty is chasing him all around the States.


Blood Diamond

as Danny Archer

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2006

When arm dealer Archer learns about the hidden huge pink diamond he sets out across the Sierra Leone torn by civil war to get it.


Shutter Island

as Teddy Daniels

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2010

Two US Marshals have to find the murderess that escaped from the mental institution, but one of them is haunted by his past.


J. Edgar

as J. Edgar Hoover

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2011

J. Edgar Hoover, powerful head of the FBI for nearly 50 years, looks back on his professional and personal life.