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Leon Niemczyk film reviews

Leon Niemczyk

Polish actor

One of the most active Polish actors - he played characters in over 260 productions in Poland, Germany (fluently spoke German), United States, Soviet Union and other countries. Among his filmography are such titles as Knife in the Water, Night Train, The Deluge, Vabank, War and Remembrance.


Night Train

as Jerzy

Cabaret  1959

Long distance train leaves Lodz and heads towards the sea carrying on board wide range of colorful characters and possibly even the killer.


The Knife in the Water

as Andrzej

Cabaret  1962

While on the way to sail on Mazury Lakes married couple picks up a hitchhiker. His presence on the yacht changes the relations between them.


On the White Trail

as Sikora

Cabaret  1963

Weather station on Greenland picks up strange radio signal coming from the area and soon they are attacked by Nazi soldiers. German officer and the commander of the weather station have to find the way to cooperate in order to survive.


Frozen Flashes

as Stefan

Cabaret  1967

While Germans are working on their secret weapon Allied intelligence tries to gain access to their high security base.


Stake Higher Than Life

as Boldt

Cabaret  1967

Polish agent disguised as German officer infiltrates the Abwehra to pass the informations to Allies.


Curse of Snakes Valley

as mysterious man

Cabaret  1988

Story that started during 1950s in Indochina gathers together a trio of veteran pilot, journalist and ancient languages expert for the adventure deep in the jungle.


The Ball at the Koluszki Junction

as Ambassador

Cabaret  1990

Passengers of long distance trains are stuck on the train station in New YearÔÇÖs Eve due to heavy snow. The night they have to spend together will show their different approaches to life.


Polish Death

as Professor Zablocki

Cabaret  1995

Young man frustrated with his life and pointless job becomes one of the suspects in serial killer investigation, but he suspects someone else...

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