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John Shrapnel film reviews

John Shrapnel

British actor



as General Globus

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1994

In alternative history American journalist and SS officer team up to reveal the greatest secret of Nazi Germany, the secret so great that Nazis killed their own officials to keep it a secret.



as Gaius

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2000

General Maximus Decimus Meridius leads the legions in the great victory on the border of the empire, but soon his fate will change due to political intrigues.


K-19: The Widowmaker

as Admiral Bratyeev

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2002

In 1961 first Soviet ballistic missile nuclear submarine sets out to the sea. The boat was haunted by accidents even before the official launching, which started the grim nickname for it: the Widowmaker.



as Nestor

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2004

King Agamemnon joins forces with his brother Menelaus in order to get revenge and bring the beautiful Helena back to Greece. But to reach their target they have to attack the Troy.