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John C. McGinley film reviews

John C. McGinley

American actor

03 August 1959
in New York CityNew YorkUnited States

Residency Director in Sacred Heart hospital and JD’s mentor. He is brilliant doctor, but doesn’t care much about his co-workers.



as Sgt. O’Neill

The Sting 1986

Young recruit sent to Vietnam learns that the war isn’t the idealistic battle of good and evil - it is battle between evil and evil.


A Midnight Clear

as Major Griffin

The Sting 1992

During Battle of the Bulge American scout unit face the Germans in the forest, but they don’t act the way Americans would expect.


Article 99

as Dr. Rudy Bobrick

The Sting 1992

This movie shows a reality of Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Kansas City where war veterans are treated by the heartless bureaucracy like unneeded corps.


The Pentagon Wars

as Colonel Bock

The Sting 1998

Lieutenant Burton is appointed to evaluate M2 Bradley project that has been under development for many years, but without results. But what he finds during the investigations seems unbelievable.



as Perry Cox

The Sting 2001

Doctors, nurses and rest of the Sacred Heart Hospital staff is a mixture of stories full of wacky humour, surreal elements, but also serious problems and personal dramas.



as George York

The Sting 2003

Ten strangers are trapped in secluded motel in Nevada, where they soon find that one of them is a killer.

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