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James Coburn film reviews

James Coburn

American actor


Hell Is for Heroes

as Cpl. Henshaw

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1962

Small unit of American infantry is left to guard the part of Siegfried Line, but when they realize a German division is about to attack that part of the front line their only hope is to stall the enemy attack.


The Great Escape

as Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1963

Captain Hilts, escape expert, is transferred to a German POW camp, but this time he has to use his skills not to rescue just one soldier, but over 200.


What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

as Lieutenant Christian

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1966

During World War II Lieutenant Christian is given a task of taking over a small village of Valerno in Sicily held by Italian forces, but when he arrives to Valerno the situation gets out of hand.



as Captain Vinton Maddox

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1976

Japanese fleet aproaches the strategically important Midway Atoll ready to destroy the airfield and attack the island, but what Admiral Yamamoto doesnÔÇÖt know is that American know his plans.


Cross of Iron

as Feldwebel Rolf Steiner

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1977

Newly arrived officer quickly learns that front line somewhere in the Soviet Union is not what he was expecting to be while sitting in Paris. Nevertheless he is determined to get his Cross of Iron, no matter what price he will have to pay.

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