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Idris Elba film reviews

Idris Elba

British actor


Sometimes in April

as Augustin Muganza

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2005

Ten years after the genocide in Rwanda former soldier Augustin Muganza visits his brother, who is awaiting trial in front of international tribunal for war crimes. There is a reason they haven’t spoke in years...


28 Weeks Later

as Stone

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2007

28 weeks after aggression virus have destroyed the people of Great Britain the new settlers are sent to London under protection from military forces.



as Janek

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2012

Wealthy businessman organizes an expedition to far planet believing that there lays the cradle of human civilization.


Pacific Rim

as Stacker Pentecost

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2013

When giant monsters attack cities on Earth scientists provide giant robots to fight them using the most advenced weapon - good oldfashioned wrestling.


Beasts of No Nation

as Commandant

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2015

When civil war sets the African country on fire no one is left as bystander, even young kids are forced to join the rebels and kill the enemies of the cause.

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