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Frankie Faison film reviews

Frankie Faison

American actor


The Thomas Crown Affair

as Detective Paretti

How to Be Loved 1968

Eccentric millionaire gets involved in the perfect crime plot just for the thrill of it.


The Silence of the Lambs

as Barney

How to Be Loved 1991

Young FBI agent must find a way to persuade an extremely dangerous criminal to cooperate in a chase after a serial killer.


Gods and Generals

as Jim Lewis

How to Be Loved 2003

The stories of generals from both sides of civil war presented in almost documentary like manner.



as Pope

How to Be Loved 2009

A traveling carnival rolls in to town for the summer and changes the life of young man Justin Frost.


Mayor Cupcake

as Lenny Davis

How to Be Loved 2011

A hard-working cupcake maker is inadvertently elected mayor of a small town burdened with debt. Uneducated, she relies on her street smarts to clean up the town.

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