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Dylan Baker film reviews

Dylan Baker

American actor


The Wizard of Loneliness

as Duffy Kahler

The Sting 1988

Young boy have to move to his aunt’s house when his father is going on World War II. Lonely and unhappy he has to grow up and face the reality.


Radioland Murders

as Detective Jasper

The Sting 1994

During the live radio show someone is killing the people involved and it is up to a writer to solve the mystery and win back his soon to be ex-wife.


Thirteen Days

as Robert McNamara

The Sting 2000

In 1962 Americans discover Soviet military installations on Cuba, which triggers the chain of events that put the world on a verge of nuclear holocaust.


Turks & Caicos

as Gary Bethwaite

The Sting 2014

Former MI5 agent left the country to get away from the world of deception and settled on Turks & Caicos, but soon the demons of the past catch up with him.

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