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Donald Hewlett film reviews

Donald Hewlett

British actor

30 August 1920
in NorthendenGreater Manchester, EnglandUnited Kingdom

04 June 2011


It Ain’t Half Hot Mum

as Colonel Charles Reynolds

Cabaret  1974

The soldiers from Royal Artillery Depot Concert Party at Deolali, India in 1945 have to face problems like Japanese threat, the heat, the revolt of locals, but what scares them most is their Sergeant-Major Williams.


Come Back Mrs. Noah

as Carstairs

Cabaret  1977

A housewife, Gertrude Noah, while visiting a spaceship, accidentally ends up on the Earth’s orbit together with 4 other people, who don’t really belong there.


Anything Legal

as Charles

Cabaret  1984

Two city gentlemen are made redundant and come up with idea that could change their lives.


You Rang, M’Lord?

as Lord George Meldrum

Cabaret  1988

Life in the 1920s wasn’t in any way simplier than ours - take a look at th Lord Meldrum household, his family and his staff. In this house every day is full of surprises.

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