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David Croft

British director

07 September 1922
in PooleDorset, EnglandUnited Kingdom

27 September 2011

Born 7 September 1922 in Poole, died 27 September 2011. British film director, screenwriter, television producer and actor. Best know as co-creator of TV series ’Allo’ Allo! and You Rang, M’Lord?, in the UK for his most famous production also includes Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served? and Hi-de-Hi!. He was fourteen nominated for a BAFTA Award, received it two times, including once for lifetime achievement.


Dad’s Army


Welcome to the Sticks 1968

During World War II Great Britain was forced to call up the civilians to form Local Defence Volunteers (later known as the Home Guard) - the formation that would backup the regular army in case of German invasion. This series show how this force looked like. More or less...


Dad’s Army


Welcome to the Sticks 1971

Local bank manager answers to radio broadcast and begins to organize the Local Defence Volunteers in small seaside resort when German invasion of England is real threat.


Are You Being Served?


Welcome to the Sticks 1972

Staff of Grace Brothers department store in London with their personal problems and their professional secrets.


It Ain’t Half Hot Mum


Welcome to the Sticks 1974

The soldiers from Royal Artillery Depot Concert Party at Deolali, India in 1945 have to face problems like Japanese threat, the heat, the revolt of locals, but what scares them most is their Sergeant-Major Williams.




Welcome to the Sticks 1980

Archeology professor becomes an entertainment manager in Maplins holiday camp and soon becomes an icon for expression "fish out of the water".


’Allo ’Allo!


Welcome to the Sticks 1984

During World War 2 French cafe owner Rene Artois reluctantly gets involved into Resistance affairs, which brings him nothing but the trouble. Not to mention his wife could any day find out about his affairs with the waitresses...


You Rang, M’Lord?


Welcome to the Sticks 1988

Life in the 1920s wasn’t in any way simplier than ours - take a look at th Lord Meldrum household, his family and his staff. In this house every day is full of surprises.


Grace and Favour


Welcome to the Sticks 1992

After long years the Grace Brothers department store is finally closed after death of Young Mr Grace, but few of the surviving employees are in for surprise - it turns out their pensions were not secured by the employer, but there is an option for them...


Oh Doctor Beeching!


Welcome to the Sticks 1995

In 1963 Doctor Beeching, as new head of British Railways, decided to close a lot of railroad lines which has affected the lifes of Hatley station staff. When new manager arrives they still are not sure if they have future with the railways.

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