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Cole Hauser film reviews

Cole Hauser

American actor


Pitch Black

as William J. Johns

Amadeus  2000

Survivors of the spaceship crash have to find the way to survive on the desert island that is inhabited with deadly creatures.


HartÔÇÖs War

as Sergeant Bedford

Amadeus  2002

When murder is commited in the prisoners of war camp the trial has to take place and young Lieutenant Hart will have to face a tricky challenge.


Tears of the Sun

as James Atkins

Amadeus  2003

During fictious civil war in Nigeria American special forces are on the search and rescue mission to save the American citizen - doctor Fiore. Unfortunately when they reach her she refuses to leave without her patients.


Jarhead 2: Field of Fire

as SEAL Commander

Amadeus  2014

Transport unit soldiers are dragged into the special operation deep inside the Taliban territory, where they have to save a woman called Anoosh.

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