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Brendan Gleeson film reviews

Brendan Gleeson

Irish actor



as Hamish

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1995

William Wallace, the hero of Scotland, challenges the king of England in fight for freedom of his countrymen.


The Village

as August Nicholson

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2004

Secluded village is surrounded by mysterious creatures that keep the villagers trapped from the outside world.



as Menelaus

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2004

King Agamemnon joins forces with his brother Menelaus in order to get revenge and bring the beautiful Helena back to Greece. But to reach their target they have to attack the Troy.


Kingdom of Heaven

as Reynald de Chatillon

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2005

Balian de Ibelin, French blacksmith, joins the Crusades seeking the redemption.


Green Zone

as Martin Brown

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2010

Americans desperately search for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, but they meet obsticles even within their own intelligence.


Edge of Tomorrow

as General Brigham

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2014

When alien lifeform invades whole Europe the forces gathered in Britain has to retake the land. Major Cage seems dies during the operation, but later wakes up before he was sent to fight.

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