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Bill Pertwee film reviews

Bill Pertwee

Brtitish actor


Beyond Our Ken

The Sting 1958

Sketch-based radio show starring Kenneth Horne and (among others) Kenneth Williams.


Dad’s Army

as Hodges

The Sting 1968

During World War II Great Britain was forced to call up the civilians to form Local Defence Volunteers (later known as the Home Guard) - the formation that would backup the regular army in case of German invasion. This series show how this force looked like. More or less...


Parsley Sidings

The Sting 1971

Small train station Parsley Sidings is managed by pompous Horace Hepplewhite, who is helped by his not very bright son and few employees he really can’t rely on.


You Rang, M’Lord?

as PC Wilson

The Sting 1988

Life in the 1920s wasn’t in any way simplier than ours - take a look at th Lord Meldrum household, his family and his staff. In this house every day is full of surprises.

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