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The Lady Vanishes 1938 film review

The Lady Vanishes 1938 film review

The Lady Vanishes (1938, United Kingdom)

Running time
97 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8 / 10

Somewhere in the mountainous, and not unlike Nazi Germany, country of Bandrika spring brought avalanches. One of them blocked a train tunnel, which put the railway into halt. Group of foreign passengers is stuck in the small village, with no better option they register in the only hotel in the area, Gasthof Petrus. Among them are young women on vacation, who used to stay in this place and are familiar with the hotel manager - they have no problem with finding a place to sleep. Two British men are not that lucky - all they can count on is to share a single room that usually is used by one of the maids. The night is relatively quiet, but when in the morning the avalanche is cleared the tourists can resume their journey. Iris Henderson, one of the young women, is hit by falling part of the train station elevation. Elderly lady, Miss Foy, helps her get on the train and assists her when Iris is in pain. Young woman finally fell asleep in the compartment, but when she wakes up she can’t find Miss Foy anywhere, not to mention that none of the passengers seems to remember seeing them together.

Classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller that contains all the iconic elements of Hitchcock style - set in closed environment of moving train, the main character that seems to be isolated by people around and mystery that makes the protagonist to question his or hers sanity. Made with a lot of skill, good cast and using the typically British sense of humour The Lady Vanishes is a solid piece of entertainment.

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The Lady Vanishes 1938 add comment
The Lady Vanishes 1938 add comment

Creators of The Lady Vanishes

Alfred Hitchcock films

Alfred Hitchcock


Sidney Gilliat films

Sidney Gilliat


Frank Launder films

Frank Launder


Cast of The Lady Vanishes

Margaret Lockwood films

Margaret Lockwood

as Iris Henderson

Michael Redgrave films

Michael Redgrave

as Gilbert Redman

Paul Lukas films

Paul Lukas

as Dr. Egon Hartz

May Whitty films

May Whitty

as Miss Froy

Naunton Wayne films

Naunton Wayne

as Caldicott

Basil Radford films

Basil Radford

as Charters

Mary Clare films

Mary Clare

as Baroness

Cecil Parker films

Cecil Parker

as Mr. Todhunter

Linden Travers films

Linden Travers

as Mrs. Todhunter

Emile Boreo films

Emile Boreo

as Hotel Manager

Googie Withers films

Googie Withers

as Blanche

Philip Leaver films

Philip Leaver

as Signor Doppo

Selma Vaz Dias films

Selma Vaz Dias

as Signora Doppo

Catherine Lacey films

Catherine Lacey

as Nun

The Lady Vanishes 1938 add comment
The Lady Vanishes 1938 add comment
The Lady Vanishes 1938 add comment
The Lady Vanishes 1938 add comment

The Lady Vanishes quotes

Caldicott: [after learning they both will share a maid’s room] They might at least have given us one each?
Charters: What?
Caldicott: The room at least.