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In Case of Adversity 1958 / En cas de malheur film review

In Case of Adversity 1958 film review

In Case of Adversity (1958, France)

Original title
En cas de malheur
Running time
105 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

The main character is noted lawyer Andre Gobillot, who is his 50s and it seems his life is complete: he has a beautiful wife, respect, money, he reached the top of his profession. But one day everything changes when he accepts a seemingly simple case. Young and attractive woman, Yvette Maudet, is accused of a robbery, but the weapons used in this crime were a crowbar and a toy pistol. She has no money to pay the attorney fee, but she offers him other arrangement than money - her gratitude would be more... personal. From that point on, Gobillot’s life slowly turns into chaos. He manages to get Yvette acquitted, even though she caused serious injuries to the older lady she attacked with crowbar. Gobillot falls in love with Yvette and puts his whole life in stake for a girl to whom he is only one of many men in her life. Gobillot’s wife becomes suspicious when her husband takes the case of an attractive girl without a monetary payment, and soon Yvette’s jealous lover gets involved...

This film is based on the novel by Georges Simenon, a well-known novelist and author of many crime novels, including the Inspector Maigret books. Jean Gabin plays the main character (that he initially did not wanted to play) with his stony face, and Brigitte Bardott, who was already a well-known actress, mainly because of her beauty. But in this movie she showed quite good acting. In Case of Adversity is an interesting film with two very distinct actors playing complicated character and all of it covered with dark atmosphere.

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In Case of Adversity 1958 add comment
In Case of Adversity 1958 add comment

Watch In Case of Adversity

Watch In Case of Adversity

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In Case of Adversity

Creators of In Case of Adversity

Claude Autant-Lara films

Claude Autant-Lara


Jean Aurenche films

Jean Aurenche


Pierre Bost films

Pierre Bost


Georges Simenon films

Georges Simenon


Cast of In Case of Adversity

Brigitte Bardot films

Brigitte Bardot

as Yvette Maudet

Jean Gabin films

Jean Gabin

as Andre Gobillot

Nicole Berger films

Nicole Berger

as Jeanine

Edwige Feuillere films

Edwige Feuillere

as Viviane Gobillot

Mathilde Casadesus films

Mathilde Casadesus

as Anna

Madeleine Barbulee films

Madeleine Barbulee

as Bordenave

In Case of Adversity 1958 add comment
In Case of Adversity 1958 add comment