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Doctor No 1962 film review

Doctor No 1962 film review

Doctor No (1962, United Kingdom)

Running time
105 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

James Bond, a British intelligence agent with a license to kill, is assigned to important mission - he has to stop the evil mastermind, who threatens to use radiation to direct US missiles on civilian areas and therefore rule the whole world. Bond manages to avoid many of the ambushes, and being charming playboy amuses himself with lady friends, as well as with foreign female intelligence agents. In the end, gets to the super-villain’s HQ, where he can kill him and destroy the device that is threatening the world.

This is the first in a series of films about James Bond, Agent 007, based on the novels by Ian Fleming. Nobody expected such success and that "Doctor No" will be the beginning of the never-ending series of movies about James Bond. We have here daring adventure, entertaining special effects, technical (often fancy) devices, fast vehicles, beautiful women. Of course, critics usually have something to say, but these films are just a lot of great entertainment, and so it should be treated, and not seek political overtones or racial prejudice.

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Doctor No 1962 add comment

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Creators of Doctor No

Terence Young films

Terence Young


Richard Maibaum films

Richard Maibaum


Johanna Harwood films

Johanna Harwood


Berkley Mather films

Berkley Mather


Cast of Doctor No

Sean Connery films

Sean Connery

as James Bond

Ursula Andress films

Ursula Andress

as Honey Ryder

Joseph Wiseman films

Joseph Wiseman

as Dr No

Jack Lord films

Jack Lord

as Felix Leiter

Bernard Lee films

Bernard Lee

as M

Lois Maxwell films

Lois Maxwell

as Miss Moneypenny

Anthony Dawson films

Anthony Dawson

as Professor Dent

Yvonne Shima films

Yvonne Shima

as Sister Lily

Zena Marshall films

Zena Marshall

as Miss Taro

Peter Burton films

Peter Burton

as Q

Eunice Gayson films

Eunice Gayson

as Sylvia Trench

Michel Mok films

Michel Mok

as Sister Rose

Timothy Moxon films

Timothy Moxon

as John Strangways

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