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Woody Harrelson film reviews

Woody Harrelson

American actor



as Woody Boyd

To Kill a Mockingbird 1982

Old bar in Boston called Cheers is runned by former professional baseball player Sam Malone with help of his old coach. His new waitress, Diane, have to get used to the atmosphere of that place - all the regular customers spend their evenings there talking about every unimportant thing in the world.


The Thin Red Line

as Sgt. Keck

To Kill a Mockingbird 1998

US Marines are preparing for the first big push in the Pacific - the Guadalcanal - but are they really ready for what awaits them?


A Scanner Darkly

as Ernie Luckman

To Kill a Mockingbird 2006

Undercover cop is infiltrating the group of dealers, but at the same time he becomes addicted to the drug they are selling. From that point he is no longer sure on which side he really is.



as Roy

To Kill a Mockingbird 2008

American couple, returning from vacation in China, get aboard of Trans-Siberian train through Russia. They meet young couple, who travel on the same route, but soon it will turn out there is a dark side to the story.



as Tallahassee

To Kill a Mockingbird 2009

The apocalypse had come and people turned into zombies. Young student tries to escape from Austin, Texas and reach his hometown of Columbus hoping to find his family still alive.


Now You See Me

as Merritt McKinney

To Kill a Mockingbird 2013

Group of illusionists under the influence of mysterious leader commit a perfect crime - the steal money from a bank that is thousands miles away while being live on the stage.

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