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Conspiracy 2001 film review

Conspiracy 2001 film review

Conspiracy (2001, United Kingdom)

Running time
90 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★★★☆ 9 / 10

SS General Reinhard Heydrich organizes conference in Wansee near Berlin for high level Nazi officials - from justice and foreign affairs ministries to army officers. While the meeting starts like any other similar conference with nice dinner and casual discussions, once the main agenda is started the tone of the meeting suddenly changes. Heydrich had one goal for this conference - to find a final solution to the Jewish question. A term that sounds very general and innocent, especially since they discuss legal matters, such as status of mixed marriages between Germans and Jews, but the participants soon realize this is just a prelude to the main event of the evening. Once Heydrich begins to talk about getting rid of the remaining Jews on the occupied terrains they suddenly find themselves talking about mass murders...

Brilliant war film based on the transcripts of true conference that took place in 1942. On surface the film seems to be just a look at the dinner party organized by the SS for high rank officials, but with each scene and with euphemism the seemingly calm and theoretic discussion sinks deeper and deeper into cynical planning on how mass murder of the Jews in Europe will affect the economy or what would be the most effective way to kill them. With great cast and brilliant directing Conspiracy is a remarkable war film despite not showing even a small bit of actual war - we watch officials sitting far beyond front lines pushing the border of decency and compassion further and further away.

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Watch Conspiracy

Watch Conspiracy

Creators of Conspiracy

Frank Pierson films

Frank Pierson


Loring Mandel films

Loring Mandel


Cast of Conspiracy

Kenneth Branagh films

Kenneth Branagh

as Reinhard Heydrich

Stanley Tucci films

Stanley Tucci

as Adolf Eichmann

Barnaby Kay films

Barnaby Kay

as Rudolf Lange

Peter Sullivan films

Peter Sullivan

as SS Colonel Eberhard Schöngarth

Ben Daniels films

Ben Daniels

as Dr. Joseph Bühler

Ewan Stewart films

Ewan Stewart

as Dr. Georg Leibbrandt

Brian Pettifer films

Brian Pettifer

as Dr. Alfred Meyer

Colin Firth films

Colin Firth

as Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart

Nicholas Woodeson films

Nicholas Woodeson

as SS Lt. General Otto Hofmann

Jonathan Coy films

Jonathan Coy

as Erich Neumann

David Threlfall films

David Threlfall

as Dr. Wilhelm Kritzinger

Ian McNeice films

Ian McNeice

as Dr. Gerhard Klopfer

Owen Teale films

Owen Teale

as Dr. Roland Freisler

Richard Coyle films

Richard Coyle

as SS Major General Heinrich Müller