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Ulrich Thomsen film reviews

Ulrich Thomsen

Danish actor


Mike Bassett: England Manager

as Dr. Hans Shoegaarten

Rock Slyde 2001

After England football team manager suddenly suffer a heart attack FA has to find a replacement. Their choice, second division manager Mike Bassett, was surprise to everyone.


The Silence

as Peer Sommer

Rock Slyde 2010

Former police detective learns about a crime very similar to case he worked on 20 years earlier and is convinced they are linked, but to prove it he needs to start a private investigation.



as Gorlacon

Rock Slyde 2010

Roman centurion Quintus Dias is taken prisoner by the Picts. When he manages to escape he is rescued by the Ninth Legion, which is about to meet its fate.


Summer of 92

as Richard Møller Nielsen

Rock Slyde 2015

In 1990 German coach Sepp Piontek, after 11 years full of great results, ends his work with Danish national team. His assistant, Richard Møller Nielsen, hopes to take the vacant position.

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