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Tom Cruise film reviews

Tom Cruise

American actor


in SyracuseNew YorkUnited States


All the Right Moves

as Stefen Djordjevic

Amadeus  1983

Small town in Pennsylvania with only two ways for young Stef to start his adult life - work in steel-factory like his father or win scholarship in football.


Top Gun

as Maverick

Amadeus  1986

Best American figher pilots compete for the honors and a woman.


Rain Man

as Charlie Babbitt

Amadeus  1988

Materialist Charlie at the news of his father’s death counts on the big inheritance. However, it appears that he has an older brother, suffering from with autism, who will get all the money. Charlie decides to get its due part of the inheritance.


Minority Report

as John Anderton

Amadeus  2002

John Anderton is Chief of PreCrime Division, new unit that was created to stop the crime before they will be committed using system that is able to predict the crimes. But new report shows Anderton killing a man he never heard of...


The Last Samurai

as Nathan Algren

Amadeus  2003

American officer hired to train imperial forces in Japan is taken prisoner by the samurai. The experience of being captive will change his mind on the conflict and his own life.



as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg

Amadeus  2008

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is determined to kill Hitler in order to stop the war and save lives of millions.


Tropic Thunder

as Les Grossman

Amadeus  2008

American film crew starts the superproduction in Southeast Asia when the actors get lost in the jungle.



as Jack

Amadeus  2013

On Earth devastated after the war only few people are left to extract the natural resources. Technician taking care of the drones discovers that not everything is what he thought it is.


Edge of Tomorrow

as Major Cage

Amadeus  2014

When alien lifeform invades whole Europe the forces gathered in Britain has to retake the land. Major Cage seems dies during the operation, but later wakes up before he was sent to fight.

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