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Stephen Lang

American actor



as Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett

Welcome to the Sticks 1993

Depiction of the turning point of American Civil War - the famous battle of Gettysburg.


Gods and Generals

as Lt. Gen. Thomas Jackson

Welcome to the Sticks 2003

The stories of generals from both sides of civil war presented in almost documentary like manner.



as Colonel Miles Quaritch

Welcome to the Sticks 2009

Paraplegic Marine replaces his brother as operator of an avatar that is used to infiltrate the culture of Navi on planet Pandora. When the conflict arises he has to choose the side.


Jarhead 2: Field of Fire

as Major Gavins

Welcome to the Sticks 2014

Transport unit soldiers are dragged into the special operation deep inside the Taliban territory, where they have to save a woman called Anoosh.

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