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Roy Kinnear film reviews

Roy Kinnear

British actor


The Hill

as Monty Bartlett

Cabaret  1965

British penal unit in the middle of the desert is the place where brutality and discipline are the only rules.


How I Won the War

as Clapper

Cabaret  1967

Lieutenant Goodbody is put in charge of a platoon despite the fact that he lacks skills, charisma or even good judgement to be an officer.


Man About the House

as Jerry

Cabaret  1973

Two female flatmates, Chrissy and Jo, agrees to share their flat with a student chef Robin as long as he promises to cook for them and keep his hands to himself, which isnÔÇÖt easy for him, at least the second part.


Get Some In!

as Corporal Jenner

Cabaret  1975

In 1955 new group of recruits arrive in Royal Air Force in Skelton to start their service. Here they meet the Corporal Marsh, who will make them regret they are alive.



as Joe Jones

Cabaret  1981

Joe Jones, former car salesman, moves into the building industry and he finds best people to work with. Well, one anyway... Sort of.

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