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Rob Schneider film reviews

Rob Schneider

American actor, director


Saturday Night Live

The Sting 1975

Iconic American sketch show that for last over 40 years is broadcasted live from New York studios using talents of best American comedians.


The Beverly Hillbillies

as Woodrow Tyler

The Sting 1993

Movie based on TV-series "Beverly Hillbillies' popular in the 1960s - the Clampett family gets very rich thanks to oil discovered on their land and they move to Beverly Hills. Comedy is based on the differences between previous and current lifestyle.


Men Behaving Badly US

as Jamie Coleman

The Sting 1996

Kevin and Jamie are roommates with colourful views on world, sex and dating. American version of British classic.


Down Periscope

as Marty Pascal

The Sting 1996

Eccentric submarine commander that doesn’t get along with his superiors, is given the command over old submarine to take part in the excercise to check if United States are ready to stop enemies using diesel-powered submarines.


Deuce Bigalow

as Deuce Bigalow

The Sting 1999

Deuce Bigalow accidentally becomes a gigolo, when he is housesitting for professional escort Antoine Laconte. Even though Deuce is far from being handsome his approach to the clients makes all the difference.