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Richard Harris film reviews

Richard Harris

Irish actor

01 October 1930
in LimerickMunsterIreland

25 October 2002


The Guns of Navarone

as Squad Leader Barnsby

The Sting 1961

Group of commandos take up difficult mission to silence the German guns on small Greek island.


The Heroes of Telemark

as Knut Straud

The Sting 1965

Norwegian resistance discovers German heavy water plant that could give Nazis the resources to build atomic bombs. Allies prepare plan to destroy the installation.



as Oliver Cromwell

The Sting 1970

Oliver Cromwell becomes a leader of revolt against the unjust reign of King Charles I, the civil war that changed the England forever.


The Cassandra Crossing

as Dr. Jonathan Chamberlain

The Sting 1976

Train from Geneva to Stockholm leaves the station with one extra passenger, young man who was exposed to a deadly plague. Now it is up to doctor aboard to save rest of the passengers.


The Wild Geese

as Captain Rafer Janders

The Sting 1978

Colonel Faulkner is an ex-soldier, now working as a mercenary for anyone that has enough money. His next assignment will put Faulkner in the middle of political and business intrigue in the heart of Africa.



as Marcus Aurelius

The Sting 2000

General Maximus Decimus Meridius leads the legions in the great victory on the border of the empire, but soon his fate will change due to political intrigues.


Julius Caesar

as Lucius Cornelius Sulla

The Sting 2002

Life of Julius Ceasar from the age of 18 until his assassination.

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