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Frank Finlay film reviews

Frank Finlay

British actor



as John Carter

The Sting 1970

Oliver Cromwell becomes a leader of revolt against the unjust reign of King Charles I, the civil war that changed the England forever.


The Wild Geese

as Father Geoghegen

The Sting 1978

Colonel Faulkner is an ex-soldier, now working as a mercenary for anyone that has enough money. His next assignment will put Faulkner in the middle of political and business intrigue in the heart of Africa.


Murder by Decree

as Inspector Lestrade

The Sting 1979

Sherlock Holmes gets involved in the Jack the Ripper investigation.


How Do You Want Me?

as Astley Yardley

The Sting 1998

Stand up comedian Ian Lyons gives up his London career to move with his newly-wed wife to the village she grew up in.

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