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West Side Story 1961 film review

West Side Story 1961 film review

West Side Story (1961, United States)

Running time
152 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7 / 10

The story takes place on the streets of New York, and in fact it was filmed on those streets. Two rival gangs: the Jets (white Americans of Jewish, Italian or Polish descent) and Sharks (Puerto Ricans). After a few minor and major battles they decide to set up a final clash, but "fair" - without the use of any weapons. but in this story there is also a romance between Tony and Maria that belong to the opposite gangs, in addition Maria is a girlfriend of a gang leader. Dramatic events take place...

This film is a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet in the reality of American suburbs of the 1950s - a musical about two young people who fall in love despite the fact that they belong to two gangs fighting each other. Some believe that it is the most famous musical of all time: it broke the tradition and moved the story to the streets, while translating Shakespeare’s drama into a brutal gang war and multiculture of New York City. This is the first musical that felt "real", not just another sweet love story. Excellent choreography, the songs "Maria" and "America" are still popular today. The film received 10 Academy Awards.

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West Side Story 1961 add comment

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Creators of West Side Story

Robert Wise films

Robert Wise


Jerome Robbins films

Jerome Robbins


Ernest Lehman films

Ernest Lehman


Cast of West Side Story

Natalie Wood films

Natalie Wood

as Maria

Richard Beymer films

Richard Beymer

as Tony

Russ Tamblyn films

Russ Tamblyn

as Riff

Rita Moreno films

Rita Moreno

as Anita

George Chakiris films

George Chakiris

as Bernardo

Simon Oakland films

Simon Oakland

as Schrank

Ned Glass films

Ned Glass

as Doc

William Bramley films

William Bramley

as Officer Krupke

Tucker Smith films

Tucker Smith

as Ice

Tony Mordente films

Tony Mordente

as Action

David Winters films

David Winters

as A-rab

Frank Green films

Frank Green

as Mouthpiece

Eliot Feld films

Eliot Feld

as Baby John

John Astin films

John Astin

as GladHand

Jay Norman films

Jay Norman

as Pepe

Bert Michaels films

Bert Michaels

as Snowboy

David Bean films

David Bean

as Tiger

Robert Banas films

Robert Banas

as Joyboy

West Side Story 1961 add comment
West Side Story 1961 add comment