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Richard Attenborough film reviews

Richard Attenborough

British actor, writer

29 August 1923
in CambridgeCambridgeshire, EnglandUnited Kingdom

24 August 2014


The Great Escape

as Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett

The Sting 1963

Captain Hilts, escape expert, is transferred to a German POW camp, but this time he has to use his skills not to rescue just one soldier, but over 200.


Oh! What a Lovely War


The Sting 1969

Film adaptation of popular stage play that showed all the insanity behind World War I by presenting the songs that were popular at that time, the atmosphere among soldiers on the front and their families back home.


A Bridge Too Far


The Sting 1977

Operation Market-Garden, the daring plan of General Montgomery to break into Germany with help of paratroopers goes wrong. Based on real events.

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