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Kristin Scott Thomas film reviews

Kristin Scott Thomas

British actress


Les Milles

as Mary-Jane Cooper

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1995

French commandant of the camp, where refugees from Nazi Germany are kept, risks a lot to save them from being sent back to Germans, who just invaded France.


The Horse Whisperer

as Annie MacLean

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 1998

In a car accident Grace loses her leg and her beloved horse Pilgrim is seriously injured. Not wanting to put him to sleep the family decides to take advantage of the horse whisperer help to heal Pilgrim.


The Woman in the Fifth

as Margit

Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald 2011

On arrival to Paris American lecturer loses money and is forced to take the job for shady character. When thing seems to be getting for the best he became prime suspect in a murder case.

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