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Alien 1979 film review

Alien 1979 film review

Alien (1979, United States)

Running time
117 minutes
Our rating
★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 6 / 10

The crew of a spaceship lands on an unknown planet, where they find previously unknown creatures - not actually plant nor the animal. Surprisingly one of these creatures gets attached to a face of a crew member. They all rush back to the spaceship and leave the planet, but it is already too late - thye take the mysterious lifeform with them. As it turns out this is a unknown extraterrestrial creature that grows at an alarming rate and begins to attack
members of the crew. It is dangerous, seemingly indestructible monster. Will anyone manage to survive and return to Earth?

This is the first movie of this type of science fiction, shocking, frightening and surprising. Full of drama and tension pulls the viewer into the atmosphere of strangeness and danger. The various special effects used include also the intense acoustic effects like accelerating heartbeat. This film was huge success, so it is not surprisong that several sequels were made.

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Creators of Alien

Ridley Scott films

Ridley Scott


Dan O’Bannon films

Dan O’Bannon


Ronald Shusett films

Ronald Shusett


Cast of Alien

Tom Skerritt films

Tom Skerritt

as Captain A.J. Dallas

Sigourney Weaver films

Sigourney Weaver

as Ellen L. Ripley

Veronica Cartwright films

Veronica Cartwright

as J.M. Lambert

Harry Dean Stanton films

Harry Dean Stanton

as S.E. Brett

John Hurt films

John Hurt

as G.W. Thomas Kane

Ian Holm films

Ian Holm

as Ash

Yaphet Kotto films

Yaphet Kotto

as J.T. Parker

Bolaji Badejo films

Bolaji Badejo

as Alien

Alien 1979 add comment
Alien 1979 add comment
Alien 1979 add comment
Alien 1979 add comment
Alien 1979 add comment
Alien 1979 add comment
Alien 1979 add comment