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John Wayne film reviews

John Wayne

American actor, writer

26 May 1907
in WintersetIowaUnited States

11 June 1979

Born Marion Robert Morrison. John Wayne is one of the icons of American cinema starring in over 150 movies (mostly westerns and war movies). He never actually served in army, after Pearl Harbour attack in 1941 he was turned down beacuse of his age (34 at this time) and classified as 3-A (registrant deferred because of hardship to dependents).

He was very active in making movies to boost morale, he visited bases and military hospitals in 1943 and 1944. After his reclassification to 1-A (draft eligible) he looked forward to serve the country, but he was under contract with Republic Studios that was anxious to keep him and influenced the Selective Service process, requesting Wayne’s further deferment. According to Wayne’s widow he was crushed by this action and for the rest of his life he regreted the fact that he didn’t take part in the war.



as Ringo Kid

Cabaret  1939

In the face of danger from the Indian the passengers of a stagecoach have to prove what kind of people they really are, but will they pass the test with flying colors?


Flying Tigers

as Captain Jim Gordon

Cabaret  1942

American volunteers of the Flying Tigers squadron fight the Japanese airforce over China.


The Fighting Seabees

as Lt. Cmdr. Wedge Donovan

Cabaret  1944

Story of American construction company that built the airfields on the islands captured by the Marines.


Back To Bataan

as Col. Joseph Madden

Cabaret  1945

American soldier organizes the Filipino guerrillas to disrupt the Japanese occupation and prepare ground for Allied invasion.


Sands of Iwo Jima

as Sergeant Stryker

Cabaret  1949

Platoon of Marines arrive to Guadalcanal. It is their last stop before attack on heavily fortified Tarawa and Iwo Jima.


Operation Pacific

as Lt Cmdr. Duke Gifford

Cabaret  1951

Captain of submarine is given the task to find the way to solve the problem of dud torpedoes.


The Sea Chase

as Captain Karl Ehrlich

Cabaret  1955

On the verge of World War 2 captain of German merchant ship tries to get back to homeland.


Jet Pilot

as Colonel Jim Shannon

Cabaret  1957

When Soviet pilot defecting to United States is intercepted over Alaska Colonel Shannon didn’t realize he will have to face enemy so deadly - a beautiful woman.


The Horse Soldiers

as Colonel John Marlowe

Cabaret  1959

During the American Civil War Union cavalry unit is sent deep behind enemy lines to attack the strategic railroad station in Newton Town, but they have to find the way to keep their mission a secret.


The Alamo

as Davy Crockett

Cabaret  1960

When Mexican General Santa Anna is marching towards Texas defenders of mission in Alamo decides to sacrifice their lives and give Texans time to prepare defence.


The Longest Day

as Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort

Cabaret  1962

The real events that took place before and during D-Day.


In Harm’s Way

as Captain Rockwell Torrey

Cabaret  1965

American navy commander gets the chance to prove his worth by preparing the attack on the Japanese-held islands.


Cast a Giant Shadow

as General Mike Randolph

Cabaret  1966

Former US Army colonel accepts the offer to become military advisor and helps the Israelis form their defence against upcoming Arab invasion.


The Green Berets

as Col. Mike Kirby

Cabaret  1968

American Green Berets fly to a jungle to help defend the base and if possible kill the Viet Cong general.

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