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Diedrich Bader film reviews

Diedrich Bader

American actor

24 December 1966
in AlexandriaWest VirginiaUnited States

Drew’s not very bright friend.


The Beverly Hillbillies

as Jethro Bodine

Amadeus  1993

Movie based on TV-series "Beverly Hillbillies' popular in the 1960s - the Clampett family gets very rich thanks to oil discovered on their land and they move to Beverly Hills. Comedy is based on the differences between previous and current lifestyle.


Drew Carey Show

as Oswald Lee Harvey

Amadeus  1995

Crew haircut, thick glasses and thick figure - that’s Drew Carey, an assistant director of personnel in a Cleveland department store. Frustrated with his job he can always count on his friends.



as Charlie Davies

Amadeus  2010

Todd Dempsy returns to the office to become the manager, but he finds that the call center he will be running has just been outsourced. To Mumbai, India actually.


The Exes

as Paul

Amadeus  2011

Three divorcees agree to share a flat owned by their divorce lawyer. She hopes they will be able to help each other with the trauma of divorce, but instead they share their worst habits.

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