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Danny Glover film reviews

Danny Glover

American actor



as Marshall Peters

Cabaret  1983

Delano, small town in Georgia, hires its first chief of the police, which coincidences with the moment a serial killer begins to operate in the area.


The Color Purple

as Albert Johnson

Cabaret  1985

Celie had not experienced happiness in her life - from her father, husband and his children she suffered only humiliation. However when her husband’s mistress moved in to her house it was a life changing event.


Bat 21

as Captain Bartholomew Clark

Cabaret  1988

When valuable electronic warfare officer is shot down over enemy area US Air Force is determined to rescue him.


Flight of the Intruder

as Commander Frank Camparelli

Cabaret  1991

During Vietnam War American pilots, frustrated with their orders, plan a risky mission to hit the target in the heart of North Vietnam capital city, Hanoi.



as Detective David Tapp

Cabaret  2004

Two men wake up in strange room with dead body between them. Soon they discover they are part of deadly game.


Night Train

as Miles

Cabaret  2009

Night train in the middle of snowstorm stops on a secluded station. An odd looking man gets aboard and soon after is found dead by the conductor and two passengers. The strange looking box in his hands will change the drowsy atmosphere.

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